Were you looking for bracelets for women? We have a nice a nice selection of cute bracelets for you Our bracelets are made of the best materials, such as Sterling Silver 925 and 18k gold. Our cute bracelets are the perfect accessory for anyone who likes to be trendy and stay fashionable. We have got timeless, delicate and elegant braceletsthat will match any outfit. You will find a variety of rigid or bangle bracelets, cord bracelets, bracelets with stones and Swarovski crystals or even ankle bracelets. They have been designed under the 24/7 concept our bracelets for women can be worn at all hours, day or night. Over 30 different designs to enjoy and to combine with your best outfits  All of our jewelry is handmade in our artisan workshop in Spain.

We have free shipping on orders of or above $50;. Visit our hashtag #ouipetitbracelets and check out how to wear our bracelets for women best.

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