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We are in love with simple things,
optimists and we have a whole lot of energy. This is how we are.

When we decided to kick off with this project we had never imagined it would turn our whole lives around. We opt for natural materials, precious metals and care for a 100% traditional manufacturing process in Spain. These values make up our own, very special jewelry collection. Unique, special and with endless possibilities. Exclusive jewelry for women who are in love with simplicity and are careful about details. Those accessories that you will never want to take off because they simply match everything.

Because Oui Petit is more than jewelry. It is true passion about fashion, it is a new concept of jewelry design that can be combined limitlessly and will make you feel extraordinarily special. Minimalist jewelry that can be worn 24/7, they will become your perfect accessory without a doubt.

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About Us



He is our CEO and co-founder at Oui Petit. A passionate graphic artist who has spent years working in the sector. His organizational capacity and experience have made it perfect from the outset to manage the most entrepreneurial part of the project. Nowadays, he is undoubtedly indispensable for the proper functioning of Oui Petit and the best support for the team.

An enterprising spirit, an exceptional father and 'more than a fan' of mountain biking.

Jesús Oui Petit

About Us



She is the most visible half of Oui Petit, she is at the forefront of social media and the one that designs each of our jewels. After being a lawyer and economist for a couple of years, she decided to transfer her professional experience to her great passion: jewels. A total change in her life and a opting to have her own jewelry collection. Mother of a 7-year-old girl, fond of trail running, organic food and travelling, it is from every experience she lives and from every moment she shares with her friends and family where she gets her best inspiration. She has always wanted to teach Oui Petit as a natural response to a personal need to find special and simple jewels that can always be carried, more like a life style: the life of a normal girl who adores simplicity and enjoys little details.

Victoria Oui Petit

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Our values and commitment

  • We opt for an artisanal manufacturing process. All of our jewelry is designed and produced the traditional way in our atelier in Spain. Our team of artisan jewelers obtain jewelry that is a faithful reflection of their 100% handmade and artisanal production process.
  • Oui Petit is a one hundred per cent Spanish brand. If there was something we were very certain about, it was that the production of our jewelry had to be carried out in Spain, but not just that, all our materials used in the handcrafting process are also Spanish. We have a country with an exceptional tradition in jewelry and more than enough natural resources to consider imported materials.
  • Only highest quality Sterling Silver 925 is our main raw material. It is a pure and tough metal that we produce in different finishings to create unique jewelry. Finishings in 18k gold with 3 microns, rhodium, oxidized silver and black rhodium will give that personal touch to your choice.
  • Love for our profession. Each and every person working at Oui Petit is extremely engaged with this project. We love what we do and we are aware of how important each of our pieces is to everyone of you and of the countless happy moments that arise with each of our pieces.
  • Warranty. All of our jewelry includes a 1-year warranty and you can select several, secure payment methods at our online store.
  • Social commitment. If there is something we are especially proud of it is our continuous collaboration with different NGO's and foundations. We are excited about initiatives that actively help the most disadvantaged groups and we always have the doors open to new charity projects.

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